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I.T. Solutions Delivered

Digital Solutions Delivered

Case Study – Legal Industry

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The client is a Leeds based market leading property management and investor group focusing on responsible investment management, fund management and asset management. Since 2006, the organisation has developed and managed public infrastructure, sustainable energy, real estate and digital infrastructure assets that support the lives of people, homes and businesses. Their investments span the public, transport, energy, digital, utility and real estate sectors
The client approached IT-360 looking for a more structured and organised solution in order to better manage their IT environment. As the global Covid pandemic started, teams needed to be able to work from home, at the same time ensuring that their IT services remained as secure as possible. Additionally, employees utilise a mix of both company-issued and personally owned devices to stay connected and be productive when they’re away from the office. The organisation has a mixture of onpremise and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications which needed to be secured. Being an FCA regulated company, operational resilience and security represented top priorities for the organisation.

Within this context, IT-360 needed to react quickly in order to keep business operations running smoothly, at the same time taking a balanced approach to ensure both privacy and security.
Increasing user accessibility whilst achieving Cyber Essentials Plus compliance In addition to heightened security, the client has gained increased accessibility and visibility into end-users’ devices. Their device management capability is positioned to scale with the company’s growth with As part of the organisation’s strategy for growth, migrating the management of devices to Microsoft Intune ensures the following: regular updates ensuring continued device and data security. This means the client can operate with peace of mind and greater clarity. The organisation now has remote management of all their devices that have access to their data and applications. This has ensured that they are compliant with the latest security standards, including Cyber Essentials Plus. Their business data is secure, can be safely accessed from devices which are managed and the data that resides on devices is removable if the device is lost.

Case Study – Facilities Management 

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With some 200 staff spread across the UK, the client is one the UK’s largest and most admired independent wine importers and distributors. The firm supplies High Street retailers and major supermarkets as well as smaller specialist wine shops. The business also distributes to the “on trade” marketplace including bistros, restaurants, cafés, airlines, sports venues and hotels.

In recent years, the client has won numerous industry awards for the quality and value of their wine, as well as for the quality of their customer service. IT systems play a key role in the overall service delivery, especially as the lifeblood of the business is a mobile sales force, who service individual accounts via remote access to central ordering and servicing systems.
The client had become a victim of its own success. “We’d been growing at 25% year on year,” recalls Jeremy Young, the client COO. “We’d outgrown our infrastructure and the capabilities of our existing IT support partner.

Things had become very frustrating for our mobile sales force. The IT systems had become so unreliable that, at times, they could hardly do their job. There was a lot of frustration out there. And there was no doubt that the IT set-up was impacting on our overall productivity.
Jeromy Wilmot is delighted with the benefits of virtualisation: “Apart from the improved service quality and reliability, we can also deploy systems and upgrades more quickly, and without downtime”. He has also noticed a measurable decline in calls to the IT support lines, and in IT related complaints from mobile and other staff. Jeremy COO, puts it simply: “IT-360 have stopped me worrying that our IT system won’t work.

They’ve stopped me thinking about the huge cost of 200 people working inefficiently.” He adds: “I always said that we’d know when we’d got things right because people would stop talking about IT. Well they have. I’m happy to say that our IT just works

Digital Solutions Delivered

I.T. Solutions Delivered

Case Study – Legal Industry

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Founded in 1989, the client is a highly successful Yorkshire-based business law firm with clients from a broad cross-section of sectors. With a reputation for commercially focused advice and quality service, the firm has grown swiftly over recent years. Today, a body of around a hundred lawyers and support staff make up the core of the firm. This permanent resource is frequently augmented by additional staff when an especially demanding case is underway.

In 2004, the firm’s existing IT support provider was acquired by a significantly larger business. Service quality declined rapidly. “We had been an important client to them. After the acquisition, it was clear that they were no longer set up to deal with smaller, professional clients such as ourselves”, explains Tania MacLeod, Managing Partner. The appointment of a new provider in 2005 did not solve the problem. “We went with a recommended supplier that promised they could provide us with the level of service required. Sadly, this proved to be wrong as the new provider failed to deliver”, Tania admits. “As we had outgrown our infrastructure, we committed to major investment in a system of mirrored servers. But this system was not implemented correctly”.

With some misgivings, and with less faith than ever in the professionalism of the IT support sector, the client management team began a second tender process. They were looking for a partner who would deliver uninterrupted, quality service 24/7. “We were growing fast, and we needed a provider who would be able to deal with that,” Tania explains.

Three companies tendered, and IT-360 was appointed. “We were impressed by the professionalism of their people. And the demonstration of their customer-facing technology was impressive also,” Tania recalls. “Unlike our previous providers, they didn’t try to blind us with science”.

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