PPC/CPC Paid Advertising

Get results FAST with Paid Advertising

IT 360 uses data-driven insights to achieve the best return against every pound spent for your business.

Through our Google, Bing, and other PPC management services, we will keep optimising and monitoring campaigns and finding and fixing the improvements to accelerate the campaign towards an ideal environment.

From adding new keywords to marking negative ones and their match types, our keyword management experts will add their unmatched input to achieve the best results possible.

Pay For

Get website visitors who are more likely to convert.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Make insightful decisions by analysing facts, figures and statistics.

Target Specific Audiences

Show your website to people who are actually interested in seeing it.

Our PPC/CPC Service

PPC, or CPC, is an advertising model in which businesses pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. This allows businesses to target specific audiences and only pay for actual clicks on their ads, rather than paying for impressions.

We Monitor Every Pound Spent on PPC Campaigns

When it comes to creating high-performance PPC campaigns, it’s not just a numbers game as one needs to keep eyes over every pound spend and how to minimise the Cost per click to create an ideal ROI. This is what we have been doing for years and are now fortunate enough to have a team of PPC experts based in Leeds, UK.

Ad Copies and Competitor Research

We believe in the right person for the right job, and that’s why our team is equipped with ad copy specialists who have the ability to outperform competitors’ ads with powerful ad copies and content. This way, we are confident in getting maximum clicks as all our ads are well optimised and powered by sitelinks.

Ready to maximise your brand exposure?

Cost Effective

Only pay when a customer reaches your site. You choose how much or how little you want to spend.

Fast & Effecient

Unlike tradtional SEO, you can expect to see results almost immediately.


Make changes as you go along to improve depending on what works best.

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