Status – Monitoring

Status Page IT- 360 Services

This page shows the status of services we offer across all providers and infrastructure we work with

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MonitorStatusTypeLast 24H7 days30 daysLast year
Booking SystemOnlineHTTP(s)100%100%100%99.993%
Call Switch Phone ServerOnlinePing100%100%100%100%
Cloud FlareOnlineHTTP(s)100%99.952%99.943%99.97%
Data Centre VM Hosting 1OnlineHTTP(s)100%100%100%99.999%
Data Centre VM Hosting 2OnlineHTTP(s)100%100%100%100%
IT-360 Ticket SystemOnlineHTTP(s)100%100%100%100%
Microsoft 365OnlineHTTP(s)100%100%100%99.996%
Web serverOnlinePing100%100%100%100%
Web Server 3OnlineHTTP(s)100%100%100%99.996%