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Get Best Cyber Security Solutions in Leeds from a specialist provider offering everything from fully managed support to rapid emergency response

The threat is out there. More and more organisations are experiencing devastating breaches. Your first line of defence must be a cyber security specialist with the experience and credentials to keep you protected. Intersys is that specialist.

Comprehensive penetration testing from Certified Experts

Stay ahead of the hackers and protect your business-critical data today with IT 360 Cyber Security Solutions in Leeds!

Network and infrastructure

Test your network & infrastructure for weaknesses Check services, patch levels and configurations. Multiple test types, including external and internal testing Established pedigree for exposing vulnerabilities.

Crest Certified Security Experts

All Bulletproof security pen testers are independently qualified by industry-recognised certification bodies such as CREST.

Social engineering

Find out the effectiveness of your social engineering controls Maximise your employees' security vigilance Get maximum protection with regular tests and training Extensive experience in tailoring campaigns to your security objectives.

Competitive Pen Test Prices

We offer highly affordable penetration testing services to ensure companies of all sizes can protect themselves from cybersecurity threats

Web application

Uncover vulnerabilities and insecure functionality Identify all security risks, including the OWASP Top 10 Multiple test types, including authenticated and API testing Proven track record for exposing security flaws.

Free Vulnerability Scans

Protect your business with 12 months Free vulnerability scans when you choose Bulletproof as your pen testing partner (Up to 8 ext. IP addresses).

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