Backup & Recovery Services

IT-360 does what other backups pretend to-do

Our DPaaS architecture is transforming backup, disaster recovery, and archiving with game-changing efficiency. IT 360 Backup Recovery Services & Solutions in Leeds does what other backups pretend to-do! 
Backup Recovery Services & Solutions in Leeds


Fast, frequent backups that won’t hog bandwidth.

Disaster Recovery

Recover full servers, workstations, and even Microsoft 365 data.


Cloud Storage Archiving

Technology should empower your people, If your data protection isn’t cloud-first, it’s a distant second

Our Backup and IT Disaster Recovery Services

We offer a range of Backup Recovery Services & Solutions in Leeds, UK, and IT disaster recovery services, covering everything from proactive checks to complete management in the cloud. No matter what your IT emergency is, we have you covered

User File Level Backups

Locally stored data on user desktops/backups can be restored to an external disk or another machine  — ideal for hard drive failures or lost/stolen laptops.v

Backup Consultancy

Cost effective advice on the best data backups for your business including Veeam, Backup Exec, Backup Assist and Barracuda. 

Backup & Replication Configuration 

Remote management Including proactive backup checks.

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